Rights & Permissions

Ithuta Books reserves all rights in its publications.
You may not copy, photocopy, or reproduce the content of any of our books unless you receive our permission to do so. Please note that photocopying of a book is illegal.

If you wish to copy, photocopy, use content, illustrations, graphs, or to reproduce the content of a book in any way, please email your request to ithuta.books@gmail.com or fax it to 086 245 2557.

We will then send you a Permission Request Form. Please allow 6 weeks for our final response after you have returned the completed Permission Request Form to us. You may NOT assume if you have submitted a request that permission is granted to you, until you have received formal permission from us.

DALRO (Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organization: www.dalro.co.za) is an organization that will give you advice and guidance on how to photocopy books without violating copyright laws. They also administer requests for photocopying. Contact Dalro for all requests to photocopy books.
Telephone - 011 489 5000; Email – dalro@dalro.co.za


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