Mathematics and Science increase your career choices

Do you know that school matric maths or physical science are essential for many, many careers?

Most people know that you need maths and science, for example …
Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, Architect, Pharmacist, Electrician, ...

Did you know that mathematics or science are also a necessary matric requirement for the following careers and industries….?

Audio + Video Equipment Technician
Air traffic controller
Aircraft technician
Construction manager
Laboratory technician
Food science technician / technologist
Aeronautical surveyor (Google maps)
Nuclear power reactor operator
Occupational health and safety inspector
Power plant operator
Environmental scientist

Sound engineer
Forensic scientist
Medical technologist
Automotive industry design
Petroleum technologist
Robotics design
Chemist / Physicist
Land surveyor
Waste Treatment Plant Operator
Soil and Water Conservationist


What about careers in ICT – Information and Communications Technology?

ICT includes all aspects of managing, processing and communicating information electronically in a digital form
and its related technologies.
It integrates telecommunications, computers, storage and audio-visual systems so that users can access, store, transmit and manipulate information.
It is integrated into every part of our daily lives, from cars to handheld devices to the internet.

ICT careers also need school maths and science. Here are some examples …

Computer systems (designing, developing, supporting and managing)
Information systems and network technologies, including the internet
Computer programmer, technician, data manager
Computer and information systems (CIS) manager

Network systems and data communication analyst
Database design and management
Computer game construction
Visual programming
Engineering technician
Project management



It is important for you to do well in school mathematics and/or science if you hope to have a chance in many careers!

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Page 42, "Understand Science Using Your Language" Grades 8 to 12 English • isiZulu

electromagnetic spectrum

the range of frequencies over which electromagnetic waves are propagated. Although the spectrum is continuous, it can be split into seven overlapping regions (radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, gamma rays).

uhlu lokuphindaphinda okungaphezu kwalo lapho amagagasi ogesi nobuzibuthe andiswa khona. Nakuba imisebe yokukhanya iqhubeka ingahlukaniswa ibe yizigaba eziyisikhombisa ezeqanayo (amagagasi emisebe yokukhanya, amagagasana (microwaves), ukukhanya okuphazamisekayo, ukukhanya okubonakalayo, ama-Xreyi/ama-eksireyi, amagamareyi)